Build Your Kick Ass Business - A Workshop

 to Keep You Focused on What You Do Best

Why You Need This Workshop

Okay, so you became a yoga and wellness professional because you love helping people...but you never expected it would mean running your own business.  

For a lot of fitness professionals, the nuts and bolts of running their businesses can be overwhelming and intimidating. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

In this workshop, we will start from the ground up covering the very basics of starting your own business. This is a safe, fun space where all questions are welcome and we will learn from each other.

What We Will Cover

Setting Up Your Business

All the basics: registering your business, collecting HST, proper invoicing, paying taxes and getting paid.

Building Your Business

Focus your offerings to build and grow a reputation within your niche. We'll focus your message and target your audience.

Marketing Your Business

Where to focus your time and efforts to get the most return and opportunity.

Balance In Your Business

Explore multiple income streams and work/life balance to avoid burnout.

Why I Created the Build Your Kick Ass Business Workshop

Since becoming self-employed over a decade ago, my journey has been far from perfect. I began working as a yoga instructor in 2013 and have suffered many setbacks and false starts along the way. 

I don't consider myself a business guru, but by sharing my experience and real-world examples, I have empowered and helped dozens of entrepreneurs launch their careers through my workshops on self-employment.

Yes, handouts and worksheets will be provided.

This workshop will be an all-day commitment to your business. We will begin at 10 a.m. on November 9 and you can expect tangible lessons and specifics (i.e., homework) for setting up and running your business, discussions on effective marketing strategies to get the work you want and ideas on how to bring balance to your life while self-employed.

 Coffee, tea and delicious vegan snacks & lunch will be provided. (Please let me know if you have specific dietary restrictions.)

Register to attend the Build Your Kick Ass Business workshop!

If you want help setting up your business and strategies to increase your income  then this workshop is for you.

This event is currently not running. If you'd like to know about the next date, send me an email below. 

What's Included in the Workshop?

Getting your business off the ground and set up properly isn't complicated, but it isn't very intuitive either. In this workshop I will provide lessons, handouts and worksheets to get you up and running, help you find your niche to build your unique brand and provide a supportive space where all questions are welcome and we will learn from each other.

  1. 1
    The nuts and bolts of starting a business. I will provide guidance on setting up your business and answer questions such as: How do I register my business? Should I charge HST? What can I write off on my taxes? How do I create invoices and get paid? 
  2. 2
    Activities to help you create your brand and find your niche. We will be discussing the best way to draw out what makes you unique and how to market yourself and connect with the clients you wish to serve.
  3. 3
    Confidence through movement. We will be incorporating movement throughout the day as a confidence building exercise. Some yoga mats and props will be available, but please bring anything that you like to practice with.
  4. 4
    Coffee, tea, snacks and lunch. Delicious vegan snacks & lunch will be provided. (Please let me know if you have specific dietary restrictions.)

Gillian Buckley  //  Instructor

Gillian is a certified yoga instructor, a personal health advocate and the founder of Gillian Buckley Yoga & Wellness. She loves helping all kinds of people find their calm and reconnect with their passions through yoga and wellness education.

She likes to challenge her students to step outside of their comfort zone and explore all of the ways that they can take control of their health and wellbeing. Above all else, she makes student safety, both physical and emotional, a priority in all of her classes.

Sophie Wootton - Veda

Gillian hosts some of the most popular workshops at my studio.  Her knowledge and understanding of yoga as a practice and lifestyle has our clients rebooking her workshops over and over again. She pays unique attention to the individual and the group as a unit. Bringing Gillian into Veda was one of our best decisions, we are so excited to continue working with her as we rotate through the many workshops she offers.

Sophie Wootton //  Veda - Yoga and Wellness Studio

Tanja Semeunk

Gillian is so personable and her workshop left me feeling inspired, she gave me new tools that I was able to apply immediately.

Tanja Semeunk //  Student - Yoga Teacher

Register to attend the Build Your Kick Ass Business workshop!

This workshop is for you if you're looking for help setting up your business the right way and strategies for increasing your income by doing what you love.

This workshop is not currently running. To find out about the next date, send me a message below. 

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