Support your employees with
 yoga and wellness workshops

Designed to easily integrate with your current workplace wellness program, my workshops focus on increasing employee resiliency through self-care.

“I handle everything from start to finish, including workshop promotion,

registration and program customization, for your employees' unique needs.”

Corporate Wellness

Let my workshops be your tool in building employee resiliency

*Most popular option...

Workplace Yoga Sessions

Keep energy levels and focus high throughout the day

Typically runs over a four-week period and includes the following:

  • A weekly 45 to 90 minute

    session with me 

  • Participant registration and information portal 
  • All promotional materials
  • Mats and props as needed
  • Many more options and customization available

Better Rest to
Be Your Best

How Better Sleep Can
Improve Your Life

One-time workshop. Includes one Workplace Yoga Session plus:

  • Sleep habits education, assessment & review
  • Breathwork & meditation to relax the body and mind
  • A sleep journal to track   and adjust sleep habits
  • A meditation audio file   sent to each participant

Gillian is so personable and her workshop left me feeling inspired, she gave me new tools that I was able to apply immediately.

Tanja Semeunk

Tanja Semeunk

Student - Yoga Teacher

Before attending Gillian's class I was feeling stressed and anxious but after I was feeling calm and centered. Gillian achieves this by allowing us to acknowledge our stress and let it go.

Laura R. Student

Ready to book your sessions?

Great! Request a meeting with me to discuss how we can work together to promote self-care among your employees.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find my workshops don't provide your employees with the benefits I've indicated within 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Meet your instructor

Gillian Buckley

Gillian is a certified yoga instructor, a personal health advocate and the founder of Gillian Buckley Yoga & Wellness. She loves helping all kinds of people find their calm and reconnect with their passions through yoga and wellness education.

After completing a 300+hr Vinyasa training at Breathe Yoga School in Toronto, she continued trainings in pre- and post-natal yoga, as well as yin and Thai massage.

She likes to challenge her students to step outside of their comfort zone and explore all of the ways that they can take control of their health and wellbeing. Above all else, she makes student safety, both physical and emotional, a priority in all of her classes.

Fun Fact: Besides being a yoga instructor, Gillian is also a writer and editor with experience working with charities, small startups and large corporations. When she’s not yoga-ing, she can often be found reading, gardening or trying her latest “healthy hack” on a recipe.

Gillian hosts some of the most popular workshops at my studio. Her knowledge and understanding of yoga as a practice and lifestyle has our clients rebooking her workshops over and over again. She pays unique attention to the individual and the group as a unit. Bringing Gillian into Veda was one of our best decisions, we are so excited to continue working with her as we rotate through the many workshops she offers.

Sophie Wootton - Veda

Sophie Wootton

Veda - Yoga and Wellness Studio


How much work is involved in setting these up?

Beyond our initial meeting I can take care of everything. That includes participant registration, promotion materials, location booking and meeting any requirements you or your employees may have.

What if some participants have no yoga experience?

I love beginners! Each pose will be broken down in order to be accessible to all levels. Modifications will also be offered in order to allow each student to make the poses work for them.

Will you be touching the participants?

In my teaching, I like to use touch to connect with my students and most of them appreciate it. That being said, I always receive explicit consent before laying hands on a student.

Our office is tiny and we don’t have the space to run a class. Can we still book a session?

I’m happy to secure an appropriate space for our session, as close to your office as possible. Arrangements can be made when booking.

How often do you recommend yoga in the office?

I find that once a week for four weeks is a great place to start. It gives students time to become comfortable with the practice and instructor without being overwhelming. By the end of the initial month, they should notice a difference in how they feel.

Are these classes just for beginners?

No. All of my classes and workshops are created with a range of experience in mind. Seasoned yogis will be given advanced options should they choose to add challenge to their class.

Some of our team members have special needs. Will you be able to accommodate them?

Yoga is a practice that is available to everyone. Let’s have a conversation before our session to make sure that everyone on your team feels included.

What if some of the participants don’t have yoga mats?

I am happy to bring mats and props for all participants. Arrangements can be made when booking your session.

Can participants contact the instructor before and after the session?

Yes! Participants are welcome to contact the instructor before the class to discuss special needs or concerns. Follow-up questions after our session are also very welcome.

I've got other questions...

I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. Please send me an email.

My workplace wellness workshops and classes are based on research in health, movement and psychology and are delivered using language that is accessible to all.

I provide tangible, actionable recommendations for lifestyle improvements that can be implemented by all participants.

At the end of my sessions, your employees should see measurable differences in their mood and energy levels.

Ready to book your sessions?

Great! Request a meeting with me to discuss how we can

work together to promote self-care among your employees.

Thank you for reading my corporate workshops page!

If you’ve made it this far then you understand the importance of employee self-care and I know you'll be able to easily answer the following questions:

What if just one idea from a workshop helps one employee prioritize their health?

What if just one strategy from a session helps one employee identify and deal with their depression?

What if just one technique from a class helps one employee find more joy in their life and at work?

What would these changes be worth to your organization? Let's work together to promote self-care for your employees with one of my corporate wellness workshops.


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