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14 Minute Hip Release

Most of us have tight hips from the lifestyles that we live, mainly, lots of sitting. This can lead to back and knee pain. Here is a gentle sequence designed to help open those hips and make you more comfortable.

Accessibility: This is a fairly gentle class done mostly on the back. There are two downward dogs. If it is difficult to get into the pigeon variation from downward dog, move into it from seated. If there is any knee pain, come out.

Props: No props needed

Hi, I'm Gillian.

I’m obsessed with helping women live their best lives. Together we'll use yoga and mindfulness to build confidence, reach goals and have some fun!

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About the Author Gillian Buckley

When she's not teaching yoga classes or wellness workshops, Gillian can be found doing boot camp in the park, spending time with her kids or developing her latest and greatest kombucha flavour.