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17 Minutes to Soften Your Neck, Shoulders and Back

So many of us carry tension in our shoulders, neck and upper back. It causes headaches, jaw problems and sleep issues. In this video we move through a simple seated sequence to open the chest, stretch the side body, and soften the shoulders.

Accessibility: We will begin seated and then move onto hands and knees. If sitting in cross leg is uncomfortable, you can sit in a chair or extend the legs in front of you.

Props: I use a blanket, but it isn't required.

Hi, I'm Gillian.

I’m obsessed with helping women live their best lives. Together we'll use yoga and mindfulness to build confidence, reach goals and have some fun!

Let's do this!

About the Author Gillian Buckley

When she's not teaching yoga classes or wellness workshops, Gillian can be found doing boot camp in the park, spending time with her kids or developing her latest and greatest kombucha flavour.